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Highly Favored

If you plan everything in your life, God will come along and change everything.


Last March, I started to have my breakthroughs for 2016. Some of these turning points include launching of my first book, writing in second book project, and passing my topic defense.


Since then, I have been encountering God’s miracles every day I wake up. There are new breaks and blessings that came my way.


Another set of blessings arrived before the new school year begins.


During our vacation, I heard from my fellow teachers that I would be retained in the same level, but I would be placed in the afternoon shift. Although it’s an afternoon shift, I found it beneficial for me since I would still be preparing the same materials for the next school year. However, things changed in an instant.


We were on our way to Palawan in the last week of May when I happened to check my FB account. I saw an announcement in one of my FB groups showing that I was not in Grade 9. I kept on looking on the list, and I hadn’t found my name there. I tried to look on other lists. To my surprise, I found my name in Grade 10 roster, and I belong to AM shift.


“Oh my God” is the expression that I kept whispering. I have never anticipated such abrupt change, yet I took it as a blessing. Last school year, I faced hardships because of my petition to alter my schedule. The effect of that put an impact almost throughout the school year.  Now, I didn’t have to place a request. I got an AM shift. I do not see moving up to another level in a negative perspective. Besides, most of us have been transferred from one level to another. What’s more favorable is that I got a higher section as my advisory class.


The blessings did not stop to arrive at my footsteps as I was given the chance to present a demonstration teaching among the teachers in the Language Department. Also, I was assigned to be the Key Teacher for Grade 10 English teachers. All of these things clothed themselves as presents from above.


Sometimes, in my still moments, I tell God that I really do not deserve any of these favors, yet I often realize how great God’s love is. It’s immeasurable and unconditional. I am delightful to face this school year, and I know that God has a plan for my life, especially in my career.


God is awesome!


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