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New Students

It’s official! I am now a Grade 10 teacher.

After my first year of teaching, I have tried to avoid any teaching post that will require me to teach Grade 10 or 4th year high school. I don’t know why, but I just don’t want to teach students at this particular level.

However, this year I have faced my unavoidable fate. It’s not in my wildest dream that I’ll be assigned in Grade 10.

At first, I was so surprised with my assignment, but I was able to accept it before the school year has started. Last year, I was rumored to be assigned in Grade 10. Although some of my students would want me to, I was not ready then to be a Grade 10 teacher. This year is another story.

On the first two days, I met my new students. Compared to my former sets of students, these new sets of people look more mature than my previous ones.

For this year, the sectioning was almost arranged by GPA. I am glad that I was assigned to a higher section, a dream that I have been harboring in my heart for so long. I did become an adviser of an honor class of Grade 8 for two consecutive years, and I miss that experience.

When I entered my classroom for my advisory class and met them for the first time, I felt the angst and power that reside in them. I told myself that this year must be a great one. The students tried to show their caliber even on the first day. With that, I felt so glad and challenged. I believe that things happen for a reason, and as an adviser of my new class, I think there will be a lot of good things that will happen.

Meanwhile, another surprising thing that happened is that I discovered that I will be teaching few of my students last year. Actually, in one of the sections, I kept saying “Oh my God” because almost half of the class was under me last year. Before I came there, I couldn’t explain my feeling because I thought they were in the lower section. When I entered the classroom, I did not expect that few of my good students last year belong to that class. That made me very happy and surprised.

Again, this school year will be a big adjustment for me. For now, I am happy that I met good sets of students.


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