Flash Fiction

I’ve read a lot of novels, but only a handful of them belong to Philippine Literature.


Most, if not all, of the Filipino books that I’ve read were required reading. As far as I can remember, I’ve read Bienvenido Santos’s “Villa Magdalena” and F. Sionil Jose’s Mass. I think I’ve read other novels, but I don’t remember their titles anymore.


Few months ago, I had a project that dealt with Philippine literature. I’ve never imagined that we had rich  literary masterpieces even up to this age. Yes, I’ve read several Filipino stories and poems. Actually, I’ve taught some of them to my students; but my exposure to recent literary selections written by Filipino writers  led me in awestruck wonder. They’re so captivating.


Because of that, I bought the book entitled “Fast Food Fiction Delivery” by Anvil Publishing, Inc. last May in NBS. I picked this book among the many books in the shelf because I am curious about flash fiction. Also, I got the book since I believed that I needed something to read in our flight to Palawan.


I’ve read few stories in our flights, but it was only just recently that I’ve finished reading the book. It’s ironic that flash fiction is intended for busy people, yet I was not able to cope and allot time to read the stories. Meanwhile, I found most of the stories very entertaining, and almost all of them are worthy for reflection. It was a worthwhile experience to read and ponder upon the stories in this precious book.


This week, I bought two other Filipino books. I guess it’s about time that I’ll be supportive to our own writers. Also, I think the passion for writing a story was born again in me. I hope to write one soon.



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