On Being a Moment Maker

I must say that it has been so long since I’ve read a Christian book that I really liked and enjoyed. I have been busy with my work and with other important task lately that I have placed reading for pleasure as my least priority. I tried to rob some opportunities and read few books, but it did not work that way easily. Like my interest in fiction or novels, my interest in reading inspirational books have just been frozen  for the meantime.


That was until I bought the book Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker one Sunday afternoon after I attended a worship service. I got intrigued with the title of the book, as well as its book cover and ad blurb. Those stuff made me purchase the book.


I was not wrong.


Whittaker’s Moment Maker brought back my passion for reading and for making moments in life. I have been a moment maker since I was a child. My turning point actually happened when I was active in our youth fellowship during my teenage years. The book actually reminded me my identity and my call to make meaningful moments every single time it is possible.


Whittaker proposed that moments can be created, received, and rescued. To explain his views, he narrated his stories in a way that will warm anyone’s heart. His experiences are pressed on paper in a way that truly uplift the human soul.  Each story expresses how God empowered the author to make moments and offers a hook that will inspire the readers that they too can make theirs.


There is in his way of sharing his story that make me want to read and finish the book.


I did.


Whittaker stressed “The experiences we have in those moments, good and bad, are what shape who we are and who we become.”


I truly believe that the moment we make transform us into the person that God wants us to become. As I read the book, I remember the days that I made small and big moments. Looking back on the moments that I created, received, and rescued has revived the memories and the lessons that I got in each moment.  I had to pause and reflect every after wonderful insight that I found in the book, and that brought back my passion to create, receive, and rescue more moments.


Life is too short not to make a remarkable difference to the world and to the people around us. It is that short for us not to do something significant that will honor and please God. It is about time to consciously make meaningful moments happen.


At the end of the book, I learned that being the moment is more important that documenting the moment. The heart of the moment is us, and the significance of each moment will be remembered whether it is documented or not, debunking the thought that “pictures are worth a thousand words.” In that sense, it’s the other way around.


I have few favorite authors and books in Christian literature genre. As I place this book in my rack, I’ll smile and make this one of my favorite books now. moment maker


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