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The Rain

For almost a year, The Town has experienced the worst drought in history. No rain has fallen, and the crops have started to die.


Almost all the townspeople have expressed an extreme anguish and fear for they did not have any idea on how they would survive in this kind of trying times.


While everyone else has started losing hope, a  young girl named Becca visited the river nearby every day. She brought with her the scriptures, read and reflect on some verses, and uttered an earnest prayer.


In the child’s heart beat a strong faith that someone in the heavens was listening to her prayers. The heat and the dying plants did not forbid her to stop her devotion.


Months have passed. There were no rain. Not a single drop.


The river ceased to flow, and the wells began to withhold water.


No one, except Becca, believed that the sky would be generous to give any sign of rain.


One by bone, the townspeople left.


“I can’t live another day looking at my children dying of starvation. We have to leave,” Ka Teban wept with tears. Ka Teban and his family was the last neighbor who decided to escape the tragedy that hit The Town.


His son Angelito asked “Aren’t you coming with us, Becca?”


“There’ll be rain. God will send rain. I believe,” Becca exclaimed while her eyes glowed and showed utmost optimism.


“There will be rain. Believe me,” she added.


As Ka Teban and his family walked away, Becca ran to the opposite direction. She raced to the river and wept to the heaven. Her heart beat like lightning.


Becca couldn’t contain her feeling. She knelt, and her tears dripped from her eyes. She knew in her heart that the rain would come.


She learned it from the scripture. God promised that He would send rain.


As Becca’s parents walked toward the young girl, they witnessed a miracle.


Becca noticed it. At first, she thought that the water that were falling on the ground belonged to her until she looked up.


“It’s raining! It’s raining!” she shouted with delight.


Those who left and those who were leaving stood astounded. They lost their faith, but the young girl kept hers.


The rain has arrived.


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