Being Human

Last time, I talked about worrying. I guess I have another issue this time: being human.


This is not about making an excuse for petty mistakes, but I’ll try to enlighten you, dear reader, why being human is an issue in my life these days.


In most days in the month of July, I had tons of work to accomplish, and my long list of things to do kept on updating every time I accomplished most of them. An accomplished one will be replaced with another one.


I am just happy and grateful that although I felt lazy to work hard, I did finish most of my tasks without compromising time and quality. I am proud to say that I accomplished my work before deadlines and I made sure that my work observed excellence and creativity.


However, I had to pause last Wednesday. I had three classes, and I assisted in our year level in running our spelling bee contest and conducted a meeting with my fellow English teachers. Because of that, I missed my regular lunch. Instead of rice meal, I just ate sandwich.  During my late lunch, I watched my advisory class as they rehearsed for their dance competition. I chatted their classmates who were watching them, and I tried to cheer them up to boost their confidence.


When I was walking home, I suddenly felt tired and my body was almost drained. My body was like shouting for rest, and I needed to recharge my batteries so badly. I slept for two hours, and when I woke up, I felt the scorching heat that overpowered my body. I had fever, and I had sore throat.


That moment, I can’t be clueless why I became sick. I was not angry with God for the timeliness of my sickness, but my sickness drew me closer to Him even more. I cannot depend on my meds alone. I focused on my faith that God is the ultimate source of healing. In fact, I still attended our cell group that night because my body might be too exhausted, but my spirit yearns for fellowship and worship.


Also, I think I had to be sick to remember that I am just human. I can’t be superhuman and expect that everything will be okay in my fingertips. I have to pause once in a while and rest like what is said in my life verse (Matthew 11:28).


Until now, I still have colds and slight fever, but I  don’t feel depressed about it. I know God will give me complete healing soon. For now, I’ll worship Him while I wait.


I am human. That’s for sure.


The Lord is faithful. Always. And Forever.


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