Highly Favored

When things become even more hopeless, God will take over and make a way.


I raced to UP Diliman to enroll my residency for the first semester. I enrolled myself several times and I even enrolled during the midyear, but this enrollment might stay in my memory for a while.


I have no more subjects, but I had to enroll so I can use the library and have consultation with my thesis adviser.


Suffering from common colds and slight fever, I had to go to school and process my enrollment. After my classes, I left my workplace sweating because I even had my photo ID before I exited the campus. The heat intensified when the FX where I rode did not emit too much cool air in its aircon not to mention my very selfish seatmate who hoarded most of the air. Luckily, I bought a fan earlier and used it in my entire journey.


It was not yet 1 PM when I arrived in Educ Building, so I expected that I would finish early. However, my tummy revolted, and I had no choice but to rummage a place where I can explode the problems of the world. That was indeed an emergency. I had not expected that my tummy would revolt that way on that day.


After the emergency, I joined the long queue for pre-advising. I am glad that my adviser knew me well that she did not require me to show documents to prove my status in the college. Actually, I am usually prepared with documents whenever I go for enrollment. That day was the only exception. Blame my sickness.


I was happy that soon I would be done with so many of these procedures. I had endured many enrollments, and being there was a reminder to me that I would be finishing soon. Hopefully. As I saw familiar faces, I remembered the years I stayed and endured my battles as a grad student. My life then was not very easy, but thank God, I made it.


When my paper was signed, I was anticipating that the process would be very fast. I got a number in front of the college secretary. The student assistant gave me “13.” Yes, my birthday. I asked what was the current number was and she said “24.” Oh my goodness! It’s 1-30. I was 13, and it’s just 24. So I decided to do what was planned. I ran to Vinzon’s and photocopied my paraphernalia for my data gathering. I spent all my resources to reproduce tons of papers. Thank God, the staff was really fast and efficient. She finished everything in less than 30 minutes. I had to return to the queue.


When I came back, I saw my batchmate, and we had a small talk. He was sitting in the legitimate seats, and I was literally sitting on the floor. I didn’t mind even if I was wearing my school uniform. I’m used to sitting on the floor. He revealed that he was there since early in the morning and his number was “4.” He told me that he even had lunch, and until that time he’s not yet done. My jaw dropped, and I was like telling myself that it’s the end of the world. If that happened to my friend, how much longer would I wait to have my turn.


I really felt hopeless, yet I continued whispering prayer to God that nothing is impossible in His hand. Moments later, the counting finished at 30, and it began again at “1.” My friend and another classmate told me that the turns were faster than how it went in the morning. I was convincing and encouraging myself at the same time that I would make it although I was welcoming the fact that I might come back the following day. Of course, that would be too hassle for me.


I waited and in no less than 20 minutes, my number was called. What took 20 minutes per person before and until  I came took me only 2 minutes inside the college secretary office. I was not even interviewed, and there was no scrutiny.


After that, I ran to validation and printing of my form 5. It only took me another 20 minutes. It was already 3:20 when I finished the post advising, and I was hoping that I could still make it at the payment center, which was one ride away from where I was. Usually, it closes before 4 PM. Based on my previous experience, there was a time that the door closed when I arrived at the payment center and that was really heartbreaking.


Since I was already late, I was welcoming the scenario that I would not be able to make. Still, I prayed to God that I’d be able to make it. I rode a jeep and went to University Theater. When I came there, I was surprised that the door was still open. As I entered, I walked directly to the cashier. That was the first time that I did not have to line in a queue.


After paying the amount, I felt so relieved. I had many experiences in enrollment, and most of them  were really challenging. Few were actually painful experiences, but this one is one thing that I will treasure because God made me really highly favored.


Being favored is a validation of God’s love and His grace. The impossible is really possible in God’s hands.

The future is bright.


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