Supreme Savior

I do know Jesus and His place in my life, but why am I living as if I am acting like I don’t have him in my life the way He should be?


After I accepted Jesus many years back, I’ve read, studied, and understood the Gospel several times. I had known and encountered Jesus since then, and every chapter of my life has revealed Jesus as my Lord and Savior.


Despite my knowledge about and relationship with Jesus, the Lord has revealed Himself to me once more in today’s worship service.  I am so glad that He did. Again.


Before coming to church this afternoon, I experienced a very hectic week. I squeezed my schedule throughout this week with my work, my thesis duties, and other personal stuff . The bulk of tasks that I accomplished was indescribable. My things to do has kept on piling up every now and then. I can’t help but see them happening in front of my sight.


I tried to distract myself and freshen up by reading some of my books and watching three special episodes. I also wrote other blogs and stories.


I had a lot of apprehensions especially in my thesis. What-ifs have eventually occupied a huge part of my brain. Although things were going well in my favor, I can’t help myself to worry for the things I have no control about.  Later on, I’d be surprised that the things I worried about did not happen at all. What a shame for me! What a waste of brain cells!


As we sang the songs during the praise and worship, I felt lightened up especially when we sang “Your Love is Greater.” One by one, all my fears and worries started to dissolve and I began to notice what God has done in my life in the past week and in the past month. I can’t imagine surviving the highly-demanding days without Jesus by my side. Through the song, the Lord reminded me that He’s the only one I ever need especially in these trying times.


With the series All & Nothing, today’s message focused on “The Supremacy of Christ” with the text coming from Colossians 1:15-20.


Let me highlight the insights that has struck me during the service.


“We may not be denying Christ, but we are dethroning and robbing Him of his right place or preeminence.”

“We minimize Jesus. We compartmentalize Jesus.”


There are times or areas in our life that sometimes reveal how we view Jesus. Sometimes, it shows that we obliviously consider Christ is not enough for us. For example, some of us will resort to Feng Shui, to lucky gems, to myths, and other things that will make us achieve a positive outcome in any endeavor where we involve ourselves.


At times, I am thinking that I should do something for me to get what I want. Of course, the Lord wants actions from us. But the point is, we almost do stuff to accomplish things that by doing those things seem to be the only way and sole contributor of our success. I am guilty about it. Sometimes, I failed to pray before I do something or sometimes I pray when that’s the only hope. I was doing it wrong, and this message rebuked me that Christ should have his rightful place in my life — at the center of it all.



“When we don’t give Jesus the preeminence in our lives, the result is a life not centered in Christ.”

“Jesus holds everything. He takes hold of our life.”

“Our weaknesses are just proofs of our need of Him.”


There are times that we don’t make Jesus our priority. If He is, everything we say and do will reflect what we actually value.


Since the day I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I believe that Jesus is actually what I claim He is in my life, but upon reflection, I might be forgetting the essence of it once in a while.


As Lord of my life, Jesus should be supreme over the things I value such as my time, my resources, my studies, and my work.  Does Jesus occupy a bigger place in my life than  the stuff I value or is it the other way around? I might be handcuffed right now because I am afraid I surely know the answers. There were times that I would read other books than study His word. There were times that I would log on social media or play games than to spend time with God in prayer. There were times that I could share His blessings and faithfulness in my life but I decided to share something else. My list is long and scary. Is Jesus the Lord of my life? He should, and I am praying that He will after I heard the message.


As a Savior of my life, Jesus had not only saved me from the eternal death in hell, but He has the capacity to save me from the smallest to the biggest obstacles in my life. There were so many times that I relied on my  own ability and let myself be swallowed by all my worries. In worst days, I neglected the idea that Jesus can save me in every storm. I am aware that He can, but in some occasions, I rarely asked and slightly doubt. If Jesus is my Savior, I must start to believe that He can save me from anything that will pull me down, make me feel down, and allow me to stay down. He is my Savior, and I should never forget that important truth every day of my life.


If Jesus holds everything, he must be the center of our life. He will rule every aspect of our life.  I have nothing to worry because He’s always at my side to the rescue.


In the end, the following actions are suggested:



1. May Christ be supreme in our devotion.

2. May Christ be supreme in all our situations in life.

3. May Christ be supreme in our salvation.


Now, I have answers to the many questions that haunted me this week. I guess God is not done with me yet. There are a lot of things to learn and discover, and I am glad that Jesus continues to show His love for me. Sharing this is the least that I can do.


Jesus is supreme!


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