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Wednesday Diary

I don’t usually make a diary entry. Although I tried so many times before, I never had a legitimate one. I was not consistent. As an alternative, I use a planner notebook to record the important events that occurred in my life.


For today, I’ll just do something radical as I’ll try to recall the things that happened today. No, there’s no grand stories or extraordinary events, but I just came home from work exhausted that I even posted a Facebook status shouting that I was so tired. Later on, I deleted my post when I realized how blessed I am.


5:00 AM

I woke up, and it was so hard to get up because I only had 4 hours of sleep. Still, I had not choice but to pull my body away from my bed.


6:00 AM

I arrived at school late, and I noticed that many were still not around. I did something I do not do everyday. Let students who arrived late stay outside for the first time again since the new school year started. This was the first time I made them stay outside when they had to take the unit test, but for the first time I asked them to grab a chair and carry it along the hallway. Asking them and making sure that they did it right made me tired in my first period (not to mention that our building is literally a place where you need to climb a few steps.  Wait a minute, just a rewind minutes earlier. When I was entering the room, I overtook one student, and another student was going out of the room, then I locked the door. Yes, I felt a little happiness on doing that, but I had to teach a point at the same time. Going back to the scene were the late students were settled outside, the student who came out when I arrive was carrying a chair, and I told him, “No. You are not late. Take the test inside the room.” That’ s it. When I saw the student I overtook, I let him come in also. I had to scan my working memory, and I remembered that he was absent. I assumed that he was sick. The moment I saw him, he did not really look like he’s well. I made a quick interview, and I found out that he had a check up, and he had something. I made sure that he was comfortable and fit to take the test. I observed him all through out the test proper. During the test, I noticed that it was Wednesday and the cleaners were supposed to apply floor wax. I called their attention, and they started their tasks when some of them were done. The exam went well, and the many students got passing and high scores.  I gave a few reminders before I left the spot light.


7:00 AM

I had to check a lot of papers, but at the same time steal some power ****. (Sorry, I needed to recharge my batteries. The second hour was actually my vacant time, so I checked a lot of papers before I went to my next class. A fellow teacher came to get some test papers for another section. I had to pause and gave her what she needed. In fact, I was grateful because she placed my request on my table just in time when I remembered about it. In my next class, I had to let students check and review the unit test and motivate them to prepare for the test. That was so hard, but I was glad I did it right.


9:00 AM

I was set to eat my snacks, but I had to do it in a working merienda set-up. I had to leave the room to attend my comfort room needs, and I did something that I don’t usually do. My students were sitting all over the hallway when I said, “I will count one, two, three and all of you will give me a way.” I did, and I made a ramp modeling walk. Going to the comfort room, I was able to chat again a fellow teacher whom I was close with in the previous years. Finally we talked again after a long time. It’s not that we had a fight. We just didn’t have the  opportunity to talk much because we were in a different building.  Before I went to the comfort room (imagine many things happened before I reached that destination), I went to a class and told them “If you will not submit your compilation by 9:20, I won’t accept it anymore.” That was it. I made another threat. Right after that, I made a small talk with some of them, including my former student. Yeah! Yeah! The life of a teacher is tough, but I had to steal some more minutes to talk with them.  Their adviser called my attention, and she revealed something I had to know. She broke a rather not so good news, but it turned out that there was hope in that situation after all. I assured her that we’ll work well to address the situation. After that, finally I attended my needs.


9:20 AM

When I came back to my room, I started eating my snacks (hot coffee and a chocolate bar). It was interrupted because I had to talk with a fellow teacher who did me a favor. We had a small talk. We were not actually close, but I had the opportunity to talk with him about  a student.



Recess was over, but since it was my vacant time, I resumed the things that I was doing: checking papers and texting people (especially my two students who were absent on the day before the periodic exam). Minutes later, their parents replied to my message. Both of them were sick and were trying to recover for the exam tomorrow. I was  glad I did the texting. Before my next class, I was thinking to have an early lunch since I will have homeroom in my last period, but I realized that I was still full because I had snacks earlier, so I decided to stay in my room and continued my tasks. Our department chairman texted before my next class informing me to get the test papers for periodic exam in the office some steps away from my room. We had to sort them. As a key teacher, that was my call. I worried that I would be able to do it late, so I texted my friend/coteacher to get it for me. He replied that he’d just find something and get it.



I raced to my next class. Before I entered the room, the TLE teacher/chairman requested if she could have half of my time. She heard that we already had our unit test in that section. (Because of the suspension of classes, she missed a meeting with the class– that was my intuition). With that, I told her “yes” and I promised to call her as soon as I was done. At the back of my head, it was okay because I already checked a third of the test papers, so before I finally entered the room, I went to my friend’s room and followed up my request. He told me that the papers were already in my room. Shoot! I was so glad that things were going in my favor.  I finished right away. After checking, I gave some tips and encouragement like what I did in my previous classes.



I rushed towards my room, and I sorted the paper. When I felt I could not do them alone, I texted my two fellow English teachers and they came few moments later. At first, I helped them, but I told them that I had to attend to my homeroom session. While they were doing the stuff, I started our homeroom session. I had to have it because two Wednesdays ago, we missed it because of [1] religion class and [2] class suspension. Also, I had to review them in English, give some tips, and make sure that all of them will prepare for the exam. In the that time being, I realized how would I take my lunch, so I asked one student to buy food for me. The canteen might run out of food if I’d do it late.




I ate my lunch. After that, I rushed to the comfort room, but along the way like what I did earlier I had small talks with students along the way. When I came back, I resumed on working in all the remaining work. I was almost done when I left school.



I left school, and I had to make a follow up for my thesis. I was happy when the recipient of the call broke me the good news. I was really tired that day, and the way I told my story made me dog tired because many things really happened this day.



I had a quick shower because I had a meeting with two people regarding a special project. I had to commute, and my route was extremely different. Facing the rain and a moderate traffic, I realized that the day’s struggle was real and happening. The meeting went well. We had good food and nice talk with informal conversations about random topics in the sidelines. I did not expect that I would be having that conversation for a very normal day like Wednesday. Plus! I had new deadlines. I might be pressured with that, but I took that as a motivation.



I went home. On my way, I had the idea of writing my experiences… I will not tell what happened the rest of the night,…



I finished writing this entry. I just realized how so many meaningful things can happen in just a day especially to a teacher. I thank God for having a life worth living.



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