Writer’s Dilemma

As a writer, I have an eternal dream of getting my works published.

So far, very few of my works were published, but I aspire to publish more. Most of my articles are actually uploaded online, and only my circle of friends and their friends are the only ones who could read my works.

Recently, I was reading several articles about the decision of Pres. Duterte to transfer the corpse of former president Marcos in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani.” Initially, I wrote a flash fiction about this and posted it online.

Later on, I felt unsatisfied, and I thought that the story was not enough. By then, I decided to write an article for a newspaper. Thoughts and arguments ran continuously in my mind. However, I had other thoughts in my mind, and I was busy with other stuff.

I wrote my preliminary ideas on my laptop, but I felt helpless to write the article. I gave myself few more days, and days have passed, and I kept on telling my self to do in on the following day.

In short, I did not write the article. The worse part of the story, I saw my thoughts as I read someone else’s article. I know regret is not a positive feeling, but I should accept that that’s what I actually feel.

The saying “If you will not do it, someone else will” is true indeed.

Now, I learned that I should have the determination and will to write whenever I feel the urge of writing a piece. Discipline is really important.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Dilemma

  1. Yes, that’s very true. I feel the same way about my stories. If I don’t write the stories, then someone else will. I’ve come to realize the following: I need to make time for my craft, or I’ll never accomplish anything.

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