Confession of a Hoader

“You’re really a hoarder!”


That was the remark of my best buddy in college when we had a catch up a few weeks ago after I asked her to email me important files on debate and other stuff.


Right there and then, I admitted that I was. I knew I was, but having someone told this obvious reality shocked me big time. I needed those words for a long time.


I don’t know if I am the only person who collects things in the entire planet, but how I do this kind of hobby has been ingrained in me for years.


I remember when I was in my second year in high school. When I  became a Harry Potter fan, I began collecting stickers that cost a quarter of my daily allowance. Those stickers were very expensive, but I still spent time and money in collecting them.


As I grew older, I collected other stuff such as newspapers, magazines, handouts, camp souvenirs, and many more. Every year, I had to expand my storage area and find another storage for things that I keep.

After so many years, I am always surprised to find odd things in my cabinet every time I decide to declutter my room. At times, I find it weird to have kept them after all.


I am fond of movies and ebooks, and my computer has been hoarding many of them in years. Most of them are unwatched and unread. I don’t know, but every time I had the time, I look for them, and save them in my computer. Unfortunately, the joy of having them saved in my computer sometimes ended there because I failed to read or watch any of them. Some actually inhabited my hard drive. There was a time that my hard drive stayed in my drawer for more than three months, and I had to bring it out to check if it’s still working.


I also had a lot of songs and albums that I was not able to listen to. It was hard for me to delete whenever I had them already. No wonder, my computer prompts me to clear other stuff because I will soon run out of space.


On top of my list of hoarding are books. Yes! I had tons of books, and even my bookshelf wants to throw up already because it can’t hold all my books anymore. Some of my books rest in a cabinet, on the table, on the floor, or some are inserted elsewhere in our house. Every time I find a good book in the bookstore, I can’t control myself, and I bring them to the cashier. Unlike before, I am now able to read some of the books I buy. No matter how busy I am, I try to allocate time to read. However, I will not be surprised if I would be a pauper soon because I spend so much on books.


I need handcuffs. I am guilty beyond reasonable doubt.


I am a certified hoarder. Oh, when will I stop hoarding stuff?


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