Must Watch: Train to Busan

It’s rare to find a horror movie about zombies to have an excellent story and quality especially when  time and again a new one just presents an improved version of its predecessors.


That is why I like Asian horror films, but it’s been years after I watched an Asian horror film in cinemas. The last film that I considered noteworthy to watch was the Thai film Coming Soon. I watched it with my sister, and we were really terrified and amazed at the same time with the movie.


I never thought I would experience the same feeling (or better than what I felt before) until we watched this new Korean horror movie entitled Train to Busan.


I haven’t checked the trailer, but for a few days, this movie has been talked of the town. Okay, that’s just an exaggeration. It has been a hot topic on social media. That made me so curious about the film. That’s why even though we haven’t planned to watch a movie, my friend and I checked this out and we were not disappointed. We were moved.


A zombie apocalypse thriller film by Yeon Sang-ho, Train to Busan presents different passengers who battled for survival against a viral outbreak while being trapped in a bullet train ride to Busan.  Will they survive? Watch it for you to find out.


Why is this movie a good one?


Aside from its thriller genre, it accomplished excellence in incorporating other genres (such as drama and slight comedy). It succeeds in holding the audience’s interest from start to finish. Every scene is breathtaking. In fact, there are a lot of scenes to look forward to.


Also, I did not expect that a serious thriller film like this can handle intense drama. At first, I think it will just be a usual conflict between a father and a child. As the story progressed, I got more that I expected, and the conflict that the main characters experienced went deeper than I anticipated. This film tackled seriously important human cancers such as selfishness, apathy, disloyalty, irresponsibility, betrayal, and many more. This film made an impact on me that I did two acts of kindness right after watching the film.


“Witty, splendid, and redemptive” are the three words that can perfectly describe this Korean masterpiece. The lines and dialogues were well crafted even if I watched it with only English translated subtitles. I like the way the story is weaved and organized. Major scenes have strong connections with each other, and I had a lot of “aha” and “oh” along with instances that I almost screamed and almost lost my breath with thrilling scenes, (which of course, I  did not do because I was with a female friend).  Another, you will really hate the main villain in the movie. He’s really disgusting. Besides the zombies, he’s actually the one you’ll want to curse or to kill entirely.


What happened to the main characters at the end of the movie will really move every soul who will dare to watch this film. I had very few favorite horror films , but after watching Train to Busan, I think I have another one added in my list. This film will captivate you!









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