Things I’ve Done while Mom is Far Away

My mom had to leave once in a while, and we managed to survive at some point. But this time, she has gone to Bicol for almost 2 weeks, and I was like brain dead pondering how our life would be while she’s far away.

While she’s gone, I realized that I (besides my sister) is ultimately lazy when it comes to household chores. Yes, I volunteer to do few of them for quite sometime, but I never do chores as much as my mother do. That is why when she left to be at the Penafrancia Festival for two weeks, I had to force myself in doing simple but huge tasks.

My sister is on her final weeks of her on-the-job training and my father is also in the province, so I had to be independent for most of the chores.

Here is the list of things that I’ve done while my mom is far away:

  1. Cleaned my room by sweeping and polishing the floor.
  2. Cleaned the sala by sweeping and polishing the floor.
  3. Refilled our water purifier several times.
  4. Cooked meals several times.
  5. Washed the dishes several times.
  6. Cleaned the storage for plates and utensils.
  7. Fed the dogs several times.
  8. Bathed the dogs several times.
  9. Cleared dog poops several times.
  10. Bought stuff in the market.
  11. Talked to the dogs.
  12. Watered the plants.
  13. Checked out the dogs’ territories.
  14. Woke up and had everything prepared for/by myself.
  15. And many more.

Now, I miss my mom so much. I now realized how lazy I am and how superpowerful my mom is.


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