Young Blood


July 6 placed a lot of butterflies in my stomach when I found out that my submitted essay to Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood column in the opinion section was published. It’s about encouraging teachers’ to continually hope for our students.

The article can be found here “Reviving Hope” .

After a very tiring day, I relaxed in the couch for almost an hour reading articles from newspapers I’ve hoarded from UP. While the TV was on, I browsed several articles and pondered on some latest issues. Then, I realized that I would be teaching journalism in just an hour session in each of my classes the following day.


My visuals and lessons were already prepared, but I thought of bringing some of my written and published works when I was in college. Doing so, I would have to unearth them somewhere in our house. It was already dark, and I told myself that it was not a good idea. I should just tell them anecdotes without showing proofs.


After that quick moment of relaxation, I turned on the computer and navigated news online. Since I’d be discussing journalism and news writing, I decided to check I had dejavu because most of the articles on the net are the same big news that I saw on TV few hours ago.


I was amazed with the new format of the Inquirer page. It was a lot better than its previous layout. When I checked the opinion section, I was shocked the moment I saw my name in the Youngblood section. I sent my entry 1 to 2 weeks ago, and for the time being, I was no longer expecting that my article would be published. I resigned to the fact that I’d get the chance.


For a minute, I froze. When my sanity came back, I shouted and repeated “Oh my God,” and shook my sister as I showed her my article. I couldn’t believe that they published my work. When I wrote it, I felt passionate about the topic and I even prayed to God from time to time to let Inquirer publish my work. Actually, after the World Teachers’ Day celebration last October 5, I already gave up, so when I found my article at around 8:45 P.M. in the evening, I was astounded big time. It was a day late, but it was also on time.


When it finally sank in, I raced to the nearest store even if it was already late and it was raining hard outside. I didn’t know where I was heading, but good thing, I found a store that still had an Inquirer’s issue that particular time of the night. When I came home, I can’t still believe that my article was already written on paper. I even took a photo of it.


I’ve written some articles and manuscripts, and some of them were already published, but with this experience, I am so glad that this thing actually happened. This validates that I can be a writer. That God gave me a talent and passion to write. Like my retired professor/friend told me when she read my article, “This is just the beginning.”


The writer was born.


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