A Scary Night

It was a normal day… Actually, it’s not. There were no classes today. I don’t usually write this kind of entry, but I’ll do to preserve this weird experience…


After dinner, I was reading chapters from one book to another while waiting for my sister who’s busy in her final requirements for this semester. My parents were away, and I felt it peaceful to read and lose myself among my books.


When my sister came, she did her rituals. Everything seemed to be the usual until I discovered something. I noticed something very odd.


I’m sure I saw her going to her room, but when I saw a feet in the sala. I raced there and confronted her that I saw her entering her room. I was just about to stop there because I might be wrong, but both of us got goosebumps when she told me that she also someone passed all the way to her room. We were extremely terrified. We had goosebumps for almost ten minutes. The book that I was currently reading when that happened was a Christian book. I immediately whispered a prayer and rushed myself to play a Christian song because my heart was really pounding so hard. I wanted something relaxing. Although some creepy things have happened in our house, we have braved ourselves and got used to them when they happen. However, this occurrence was unexpected.


Moments later, I could not still move on. I called my mom and texted few friends about it. My sister and I also convinced each other that maybe she really went that side. It was really creepy.


This night was quite weird, but our faith is stronger than anything as unexplainable as this. Hopefully nothing bad will happen. By faith… In Jesus’ name.


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