Forgetting How to Forget

My laptop died last month, and just a while ago, my printer already said goodbye. (I hope it’s just the cord.) Although I’m still holding on that one day, they’ll resurrect, for now I don’t get much affected when they decided to leave me. As much as I want to write my feelings about it and get “hugot” insights from this event in my life, I’d rather focus to the most recent issue that affects me more.

For quite a short time, I felt hopelessly romantic. Not that I am romantic or hopeless, but I think my heart beats faster than I think. I am not emotional here since I don’t have an object of affection besides God, my family, and my friends. I don’t feel lacking on that part because of my busyness in my work, acads, and leisure activities. Though I admit that I remember my flings, MU’s, previous relationships, and the could-have-been relationships once in a while. Not that I regret those memories, but I can’t help but bring myself in that particular chapter of my life one time after another. I just want to write it, not to tell the world (and by doing so, I guess not everybody is reading this besides the people who follow my blogs and the ones closest to me). The point is I am okay, and I am okay with I am okay. This is not a big issue actually. It just popped up in my mind because I want to draw a hugot item from my printer that is almost giving up. But I guess I am not making sense. For once, I am not making sense. Yes, I am not making sense here.

So what’s the point of this pointless blog entry? I guess, this one will lead nowhere because in the first place, there’s no point. Maybe, this leads me to my realization that I’ve become too relaxed lately. Instead of allotting much time with work and my acads, I allot my time in reading books and doing anything else besides my urgent and important things to do. Maybe, that’s the reason that there are more chances that my heart works more than my mind. For now, I’ll allow these things, but later, I’ll let it pass. My dreams are waiting, the future is there, and I need to do something about it. I’m sure I’ll manage with God’s help.  For now, I’ll enjoy the break and go wherever life will bring me. But soon. As in very soon, I’ll go back to my senses and start again. Before sembreak ends? I’m not certain. But I will.

The heart’s stuff will follow. I can manage. Oops. That’s no longer a question mark. It will happen. For sure.

My title seems irrelevant, too. I should rest my case.

(This is so far my most sabaw blog entry.) Because that perfectly describes me ATM — sabaw.


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