An Afternoon at Anvil Publishing Christmas Sale

My First Book Warehouse Sale Experience

No doubt, I am a book hoarder. I’ve been present in different book fairs and I am a habitual bookstore goer. I buy brand new and second hand books every now and then. That’s why I responded immediately to the ad of “Anvil Publishing’s Christmas Sale” that runs from October 25 to December 10.

Actually, I didn’t have enough budget and I was planning to go in November, but I heard from people I knew that books are immediately sold to book hoarders (I suppose) every minute. So I decided to buy on October 28 (the fourth day of the book sale).

I invited few people, and I’m glad I went there with someone or else I would have become crazy for the weekend traffic. The place was actually easy to locate once you follow the instructions in their FB post.

For more details, check this link.



What to expect:

  1. There are a lot of books. Books worth 5 pesos really exist, but sadly they are almost disorganized during the afternoon. So it’s better to go there as soon as the warehouse opens. There are a lot of fiction (from Anvil, megastrat, etc.), affordable textbooks, and other selections. Just be patient in rummaging the bookshelves. I bought some Anvil books early this year, and I can say that those books in the warehouse are really sale and affordable.
  1. There are a lot of people. It only opened last October 25 and since I went there on its fourth day, it’s important to note that many people are actually going in this event/sale.
  1. It’s hot and crowded, so wear comfy clothes and bring a fan. The place is really crowded with many customers.
  1. Staff are friendly and approachable. When I ask questions, they answer politely but be understanding because they are tired. I was surprised when I paid the books because it exceeded what I actually computed only to realize that the cashier put 20 instead of 2pcs. of books, which cost me 400 pesos instead of 40. When I found out, I just told it to her, and she made the correction. No need to get mad. So compute the total price of all the books before lining in the queue. I put everything I want in the basket, and I just removed some of them when I was computing the total price. It’s important so that you will not be over the budget.
  1. The items are really on sale. You just have to find the right items because a book might have different set of prices. I got 27 books for only 855.00 pesos. How about that?
  1. Bring an eco bag. They will use paper bag or straw, but they do sell eco bag. Just make sure, it’s tight and strong because mine was torn when I was just a ride away from our house.

If I have time and finances, I will go back again. It’s a great experience although I was really surprised that the space in the FB photo is exactly the space in the actual location. I thought it was only part of the area, but it was totally the entire space.


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