Introducing “The Coco Books Project”

Despite the busy and demanding academic life in our class, Grade X – Gabriela Silang of a public school in Antipolo City welcomed a new project named “The CocoBooks” Project.



Where did this idea come from?

I’ve been thinking of promoting reading habits among my students since last year by allowing them to borrow books but since then, it has not materialized due to my heavy workload. Last September, three important events happened. First, we (all English teachers) required our students to accomplish a reading calendar and read one particular book. Most of them struggled to have a book. That’s why I had to upload my most loved ebooks and lent some of my books to my students. The reception was quite fine. Second, I organized my books in our house, which are scattered in two bookshelves, in a rack, in a box, on several tables, and in a cabinet. I took photos and posted them online, and somewhat the post went viral. Third, many students in my advisory class have already been borrowing books from me from time to time.


I already thought about the project since June, but it did not materialized since then. On October 12, it finally happened. I had the books, but I lacked time in managing them, so I asked the assistance from some of my students (Chloe, Jewel, Mylene, Josias, and Gerlie) who already borrowed and enjoyed some of my books. They helped me prepare a box and borrower’s card. They also led in lending and returning books.



What is the goal of this project?

I’m sure that our readers read a lot of materials in their LM and in the Net, but they rarely read from books (especially fiction). The CocoBooks Project came to life to give opportunities to a small community of readers to find leisure in leafing the pages and lose themselves in the process. It aims to intensify their love for reading that in doing so, they will become readers for life.



How does it work?

Various books are placed in a box labelled “Coco Books.” Any student who wishes to borrow a book should fill out the borrower’s card and log sheet and pass it to any of the five students in charge. Then the book is easy-to-go with them. After two weeks, they should return the book to give chance to others. Those who will be able to finish a book are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences in reading a book to inspire other readers. No fees, chargers, penalties, and the likes in this project. It’s all for the love for reading.


The journey of Coco Books will continue for our readers!




First set of books. I had to refill it after two days…




Coco Books box (courtesy of Mylene, Gerlie, Jewel, Chloe, and Josias)




Only three books were left when I checked the box during the sembreak.






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