The Serpent King

In my years of buying and reading books, I haven’t dared buying a brand-new fictional book published in the current year except just recently when I decided to purchase Jeff Zentner’s The Serpent King.

While thinking about a book that I might read in my very short sembreak, I searched different books in and looked for the most likes and enticing comments. I’ve seen many books, but I chose The Serpent King.

I didn’t regret buying it because it’s now my favorite young adult book of all time.

For more details about the book, check this link .

The story revolves around Dill and his life’s journey together with his friends Lydia and Travis. All of them reflect the struggles that every human being, whether teenager or not, have faced. Their story is our story that needs to be told.

I like the book because of the way Zentner weaved the thread of words to form a reader-friendly narration. Most of the previous reviews I’ve read say a lot of how the words in the book really hit the heart of any reader. At times, I had to reread some lines and in doing so, the impact becomes even stronger. There’s no doubt that the dialogues and narration are very witty and profound.

Most of the YA books I’ve read use the first person point of view. I rarely read books that are not in first-person point of view. I might also be sexist, but most of the time I prefer reading male POV. But I do read books in female POV. On the other hand, Zentner radically used third person omniscient and perfectly unfolds the thoughts and feelings of the three main characters. In his style, the characters have become more real, transparent, and relatable. I have felt them more.

Any reader will have no choice but to empathize to Dill, Lydia, and Travis. They are perfect examples of our teenagers now and the teenagers we were once in our life. Personally, I can relate to the three young people. Some of their struggles were mine when I was still their age, and a handful remains to be my struggle at hand. Their strength to make choices in life reminds me of my own that I should make mine and be not afraid in doing so.

There are several parts that I felt so foul towards the kids, and I wish I was there to hug, comfort, and rescue them. The teacher, the parent, and the friend in me were really alive and active as I leaf the pages of the book. I don’t usually finish a book in one day and a half, but I did in this book. The happenings to the lives of these precious children are irresistible and that makes it hard for me to put the book down. Some books have magic spell, and this book really has a spell.

In the end, the book tells a message that anyone who lost hope, himself, or both can find redemption in life amidst the serpents that reside in us and the voices we hear from the people closest to our hearts. The choice is in our hands, and our present is never permanent. No matter how vague the future is because of our present circumstances, Dill demonstrates a kind of courage that many of our teens should possess. I still cannot move on with the book, but when I did, I’ll surely read it again. It’s a must-read for all teenagers and teenagers-at-heart.


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