The Coco Books Project: Inspiring Readers

Last October 12, the Coco Books Project has officially come to life with more than 20 selections. Since then, students have started borrowing books they thought could be interesting to read. Such reception is overwhelming since it just affirms the aims of Coco Books Project to ignite the passion for reading among adolescent readers. For more information about the coco book, read this blog entry.

The reading experience is really rewarding.

Insights from Readers

Let’s hear some feedback from the pioneer book borrowers…

“That line from the book The Kite Runner had hit me hard. I was, or still am a type of person who means everything I say. But it turned out, I was appearing naive. The words that should’ve hurt me, gave me negative implied messages, or insincere statements, I blind myself into it. I’ve always believed their goodness inside and trust their words. Like Hassan.”

~ Jewel, 15

“For you, a thousand times and over.” That line was delivered by one of the character in the story named Hassan. I really admire how innocent he is and how he loves his friend Amir. The Kite Runner is one of the best books that I’ve read so far. Because of that novel and the other book The boy in the Stripped Pajamas I prefer reading now those historical fiction books especially when children are the protagonist. Hosseini really made a very good job writing that book and I highly recommend to all book lovers out there.”

~ Chloe, 15

“Reading books has become my hobby already. So it really made me happy when my adviser decided to bring his books in our room and let us borrow it. We became the organizer of the Coco Books project where we put the books and the cards where they will sign in before borrowing a book. Coco Books made me love books more!”

~ Josias, 16


“The coco books project is a gratifying project, and it’s a pleasure to be part of this . As a student in-charge in the log sheet of Coco books, to be honest it’s a tiring kind of job but seeing my classmates smile as they pick books they want,their smile were priceless so it is still worth it. It is a pleasure to be part of the coco books. ☺ . More books to read!”

~ Gerlie, 15


“Live to create another moment.” ~ Moment Maker. I read many books but this line got my attention. This is one of the books sir Coco lent me. It was just so cool because the author said something inspiring in that book. I borrowed the book for 2 weeks but it only took me 3-4 days to finish, I was quite busy, myself, considering all the school work but reading it was totally worth it. Thanks to the Coco books project by sir, I could read more books, books that are worth reading; you wouldn’t be wasting your time. It was great to be a part of this project because I experienced reading and finishing books with exquisite endings. Making the box for the books was also fun and tiresome, it really helped a lot. It’s so nice to watch as my classmates borrow books from sir now, too, just like my row member. She used to be timid in borrowing books, but now I think she has already borrowed 3 from the Coco books. So, yeah, its just so nice. Although I ran out of books to borrow for sembreak, it’s fine with me (because I’m a bit busy, too), at least my other classmates who aren’t busy get to read them.”

~ Mylene, 15



Aside from Jewel, Chloe, and Josias, many other teenage readers borrowed books and accepted the challenge of The Coco Books Project. How did they enjoy their books? We’ll find out soon…


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