WordPress has recently notified me that this month is my 4th year anniversary in WordPress, and that made me smile.


For my long struggling years in grade school, high school, and even college, I admit that my writing had a humbling evolution. Although I talked a lot, I hated writing, and I made so many excuses and exits just to avoid it. I just forced myself to write when I really needed to—book reports, reactions papers, occasional papers, and other endless paperworks. It was ironic that I’ve become an English teacher.


I grew up without having my own journal. If I knew early in life that journal writing really makes good writers, I could have started writing journals. The only personal writing that I had was my devotion notebook, which I had in my turning point when I was fifteen. That’s the only manuscript I produced myself that didn’t merit grades or anything else.


In college, I aced some requirements, which I gave credit to, Wikipedia, and other sites that helped me wire my thoughts into words. I wasn’t that confident enough though; but I had to force my mind to construct ideas for my academic endeavors. Apart from school requirements, I got the chance to write for our student publication and for our department-based organization. Probably, I succeeded especially when I graduated with honors. Through the years, I haven’t imagined myself writing to express my thoughts.


Two years after landing in two jobs, I signed in WordPress and tried to blog. When I looked back and traced my first blog, I was not surprised with this entry. Surely, I joined this blogsite to express my thoughts and feelings in what we call life. Definitely, I was in my lowest when I wrote my first entry. I still felt the pang of my words.


Whether someone read or liked my blogs or not, my blogs gave me a chance to let my thoughts travel in cyber space. There are times that I get overwhelmed with what’s going on, and since I cannot contain it, I have to write that moment down. At times, I get frustrated, problematic, or worried, I write my worries down, and soon I found them all evaporate and leave me free from them. Writing, like reading, has become my other world and my escape. It gives me the space I need when I feel out of place or when I need to be in some other place.


Actually, I didn’t notice that it has been four years. Although I already published a book (and another one is on its way) and an article in a newspaper (Reviving Hope), writing in WordPress is part of my epic as a writer. I would never be who I am today if I had not sat down and pressed my thoughts into words.


More write-ups to come!


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