The Day I Woke Up

The weather was fine as I spoiled myself with coffee float, doughnuts, and a serving of spaghetti while reading a book and listening to a local TV show as a background. I have been into this kind of lifestyle for the past weekends, and I don’t remember anymore when it all started.


As I leafed the pages of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World: Part II – The End of the Story, I was awestruck as I faced these lines:


“I was born to succeed, not to fail.
I was born to triumph, not to bow my head in defeat.
I was born to toast victories, not to whimper and whine.”


Suddenly, I felt as if I was punched several times until I came back to my sanity, and I realized I’ve been wasting a lot of my time. Not that I have not been enjoying the things I do, but I think I give too little time to the thing that I should be devoting most of my time: my thesis.


Where have I been? From purchasing a lot of books as I play my life’s purpose as a hoarder to devouring myself in my most precious books, I’ve lost track of the deadlines and ultimatum I gave myself since I started my final endeavor to finish my master’s degree. I finished all my data gathering in the half of October, which was one day before my actual deadline. Unfortunately, I have not ran and analysed the data, which I set myself to finish before the end of October. Time check: it’s already November!


No. I have a lot of time. I don’t have sidelines or whatever. I don’t have other classes. But the greatest enemy I’ve given myself into was indeed myself. I watched and read and Facebooked more than I sat in front of a computer and did my homework. I’ve gone to different places, met various people, and ate a lot of food, but I gave so little time for my thesis work. I’ve been teaching students to do their homework, but ironically I am the kind of student now who doesn’t do his own. I haven’t contacted my adviser, visited the library again, or started downloading new sets of literature to beef up my work. All my files, findings, and more were just waiting for me to touch them again.


My latest reading (which is not my thesis) reminded me of my destiny to be a victor and to fight for my dreams. I am almost near the finish line, and I should pick up myself and put my act back together. I cannot sit another day waiting for a better or greater motivation to push me and make me start again. Today is always the best day, and I should act now before it becomes too late.


Finally, I’m awake, and I am ready to continue again until I finish…


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