The CocoBooks Project: Increasing Readers, Deepening Love for Reading

It has been one month that The Coco Books Project had its operation in sharing books with readers and spark in them passion for reading. After the sembreak, patrons of The CocoBooks has continued to borrow books that they read in their spare time or even at home.


Here are some insights that our readers disclosed to The CocoBooks Team:


“Inspired, happy, out of this world experience. Those are the things I felt while reading the books. It’s a good thing because I learned a lot especially when it comes to my vocabulary. The events and happenings in the books that I just read were overwhelming. Most of the times I dream to be one of the characters, to be in that book. I want to solve those mysteries with them.

Those books served as my savior when boredom strikes or if I have nothing to do. One of my classmates said that it is better to read than to make galagala and she has a point.”



“Mixed emotion. That was what I felt while reading. Some books gave me so much happiness, sadness, and some made me feel so giddy. One of the books that I borrowed  is “She’s Dating the Gangster”. Other books serve as a way for me to get closer to God and it taught me how to do devotion. Thanks to Ed Lapiz! There is one book that I forgot the title, but the moment I started reading it I feel so great and I enjoyed reading books more. Books inspired me too.”



“Una po sa lahat, wala talaga akong hilig na mag basa ng mga inspirational na book. Gusto ko kasi yung mga patayan, charr! Una ko pong nabasa yung “Take your best shot”. Grabe naiggit ako, bata palang siya pero marami ng nagawa, try ko ring mag ganun. Yung bawat pag wave ko ng kamay one dollar. Sobrang saya ko sa operation palaganapin ang Coco Books na yan. Hindi ko na kailangan mag ipon ng 400 or 100 pesos para makabili ng novel / books or magpaload para makapagwattpad. Sana marami pa kayong book about murder or psych para mas maka-gain pa ako ng knowledge about diyan.”



“I was flattered when sir included me to be part of the Coco Books project. It made me feel honored because I know it’s a special project and it will serve great things to everyone, especially my co-students. I was glad when the project clicked. It made me realize that everyone can be a sole reader. It felt like handing them gifts, gifts that they can carry for a lifetime; that’s the knowledge and love for reading.”



“What did I feel upon reading the books?” The title of the books are “Real Life Jesus” and “Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?” Actually, the other books entitled why do… I haven’t read it yet, but the other one I already started reading some pages. While reading the book, I felt happy, or relaxed, and inspired. Because obviously it’s about Christ. There were situations given where lessons, chapters, verses that can be applied to our lives. I felt inspired because I, too have problems like financial problems that brought me to sadness. This book gives us lessons about Jesus Christ, introduction for Him and the things he did for us. I like this book since then because the situations can be applied to any material things and to other things. I’m satisfied, because it gave me more verses of Bible, more things about Jesus Christ.”

-Ricka Mae



As long as there are readers who hunger and thirst for books, The Coco Books will stay. 😀


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