Thoughts on Getting Older

At exactly one month, I’m getting a year older again.


The song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham reminds me that life is short and time is fleeting. The song is as compelling as Omar Khayam’s Rubayat, some haikus, and Solomon’s Book of Ecclesiastes.


I’m not sure if I am excited about my birthday because it’s still too far to be excited. What I know is I have been enjoying my birthday celebrations since I turned to be a full grown adult. I haven’t celebrated my birthdays when I was growing up. I only did when I was a very little kid. I also had my seventh birthday party at Jollibee. After that, I can’t remember much of my birthdays. I’m not sure if I ever celebrated at all. But when I started working, I had the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family, my friends, my churchmates, my officemates, my ex, my special friend, my students, and other people close to my life. I have been celebrating more meaningful birthdays since I started working.


While I am in the middle of the school year, I am more worried with my thesis because the semester is already about to end, and my work has not ended yet. I’m not certain too if I am already halfway. Maybe not. Although I have apprehension with my graduate studies, I am somewhat contented and blessed with my breakthroughs this year. Looking back (and I think I had to write a separate entry for this), I am very happy that God gave me a lot and wonderful breakthroughs this year. Some of these include a published book, two additional book projects, passing both my topic and outline defense for my thesis, extravagant summer vacation with friends and family, smooth school year, good and loving sets of students (especially my advisory class), good finances most of the time, healthy family,  and closer relationship with God. What can I ask for? I know what you’re thinking. I’m supposed to ask that after my thesis.


I don’t feel older except that I am sick right now, and I feel so weak than ever. I don’t exercise anymore. The last time I did was a century ago. I don’t have healthy diet, too. I eat anything I want and in voluminous amounts. I love eating especially sweets. I’m not sure if I’m going to survive for a long time; I hope God will let me live more. But still, I’ll continue to eat. It’s Christmastime!


Nobody can’t deny that everyone of us ages. I’ll grow older again soon. What concerns me right now are God’s plan for my life in 2017. Since my birthmonth happens to be the last month of the year, growing old means looking ahead. What’s gonna be my life tomorrow? Flashes of plans and promises of a future sparkle in my sight, but I still need time and courage to choose which path to walk. Of all the things, these concern me most. I don’t have a choice, but I’m really getting older.


Those are my thoughts. Countdown starts now…


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