English Camp 2016: A Literary Night to Remember


As a facilitator in English Camp 2014 and a team leader of a winning team in English Camp 2015, I am still thrilled with my experiences in English Camp 2016.


This year’s English Camp has a theme that highlighted literary characters having CosPlay as one of its major highlights. For this year, I have a different role compared to the previous camps. This time, I assumed the following posts:


  1. Motivating my students who joined the CosPlay portraying Hades and Zeus. Zeus eventually got the Ultimate Male Cosplayer;
  2. Buying groceries for the store;
  3. Collecting payments and distributing tickets (being the Grade 10 key teacher). I had to face and deny students who beg for any available ticket or slot;
  4. Sending many students in my advisory. Thanks to their victory in the theatre, more slots were given;
  5. Being on the side tracks. I turned down emcee roles since I hate hosting. Instead of hosting, I helped in suggesting the contents of the second night of English Camp that was intended for Grade 8 and Grade 10;
  6. Giving directions to the emcees at the latter part of the camp. I enjoyed giving cues for the hosts and telling them to rush the way a director does on TV when the show gets overtime;
  7. Holding a Mr. & Ms. Competion; and
  8. All-around volunteer.


The recent camp was really memorable because most of my students I know got their shining moments may it be in leading, modelling, facilitating, portraying in a CosPlay, volunteering, singing, playing instruments, and dancing. I really enjoyed the sight of students especially the Grade 10 students as they lavished the precious time they had in the camp. Although I lacked sleep in this camp, this is one of the overnight activities I’ll surely never forget.


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