How I Ended Up Joining a Contest

I’m not fond of joining contests, but when I do or someone I know does, I make sure that I’m on it.


Last year, I coached my student in an oration contest in the division level in Antipolo City. He won against my handled sections and other grade 9 students in the school. That’s why he’s chosen to compete in division level. Although he did not get the highest award, he landed 4th place.


This year, we had several contests in the English department. Every month, our best students competed with one another in various categories. This November was the last of all those contests. In all the previous competitions, my contestants only reached runner-up spots, so I told my last contender (who happened to be a contestant for the extemporaneous speech) that she should give her best, but I did not expect that we would get the top.


Meanwhile, in one of our trainings, I told her that I wanted to join the Division English Camp this year.  I don’t know what I was thinking that moment why I blurted out that idea. Surely, the only way to get there is to coach a student, and my last chance was the extemporaneous speech.


The contest day came, and my contestant got second place. I’m so proud of her performance, and she really deserves it. I was not sorrowful about what happened because my dream to be in the Division Camp was just a silly joke. Moments later, our department chairman approached me and she assigned me to coach the winner. Oh my goodness. That was very unexpected. I’m going to the Division Camp again.


The following day, I went to our chairman’s office to ask something when she reminded me about the extemporaneous speech.  I responded that I’d schedule our trainings already, but when I analyzed what she’s said and how she said it, I asked her again for clarification. She revealed that besides coaching a student for the extemporaneous speech, I was also assigned to join the extemporaneous speech for teacher’s edition.


And that’s how I ended up joining a contest.


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