When Pain Is Too Much to Bear

On a rainy day, I didn’t have a choice but take another pill of ibuprofen. I just can’t take all the pain anymore.


Just last Thursday, I had oral prophylaxis, and I consulted the dentist if I need to have my wisdom tooth extracted. My wisdom tooth has put me in pain for a week now. It actually hurt a few weeks ago, but the pain was gone. I thought that would be all. That’s why I was surprised when the pain returned, and this time it’s too much to bear. I checked the tooth in the mirror, and I can see as much as I feel that there’s something wrong with this wisdom tooth.


What is more stressing is the cost of X-ray and tooth extraction because it’s gonna be a surgery. Aside from that, I haven’t had any tooth extraction in the past several years. Yes, I’m terrified when the day of tooth extraction comes.


Along with my wisdom tooth, I currently suffer with sore throat and colds. Eventually, fever and flu develop every now and then. Healing has been rare for the past two weeks although I did self-medication.


The Lord healed a lot of sick people in His time on earth, and He continues to do the same until today. I suffered mental and emotional pain in the previous months, but now I’m seriously suffering from physical pain. I’m trusting God that He’ll remove them soon. I can’t bear it anymore.


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