Teaching Grade Ten

I never expected that I’d be teaching Grade 10 after two years in teaching Grade 9 in the public school.

After my college graduation, I landed in a job where I had to teach Social Studies from first year to fourth year high school. I actually taught the fourth year in that batch two subjects: English IV and Economics. During the school year, I experienced a lot of challenges, and I got traumatized because teaching fourth year student was indeed not a walk in the park.

When I transferred to another private school, I was delighted because I taught Grade 8 and 9 students only for three years. Those year levels have become my comfort zone. Although it’s harder to discipline them at times, teaching younger teens was still manageable. If I had not left in that school after three years, my immediate boss already informed me that I’d be teaching grade 10. That’s not the reason why I left, but thinking about it gave me some uneasy feelings.

As I worked in the public school, I taught Grade 9 for two consecutive school year. The second year I entered the classroom, I could already close my eyes because I felt comfortable in discussing the same lessons using different approaches in some occasions.  My life has become so easy and comfortable.

That’s why when we’re about to travel to Palawan this summer, I was shocked when I checked an announcement on Facebook that I was assigned in Grade 10. At first, it was hard to accept.

I served as a national trainer for trainers for English 10 during the summer last year, but I’ve never imagined that I’d enter the classroom as a Grade 10 English teacher. Well, that happens.

I shared my initial reaction in my previous blogs about being highly favored and having news students.

Six months have already passed, and I can say that I am enjoying my post. Although I have to study my lesson again, doing so gives me a chance to awaken my wit and expect different possibilities as I teach. Being a teacher and an adviser of Grade 10 students has reminded me to always consider my students’ dreams, aspirations, and directions as I plan my lessons.

Of course, challenging and hard requirements are part of it. And I enjoy giving them. It’s payback time. I still remember how my previous English teachers and professors give tons of difficult tasks. Now, I understand their purpose. It’s not to terrorize us but to prepare us to a greater challenge once students leave the portals of the classroom. Being able to accomplish simple to complicated tasks makes every student strong and capable enough to meet every challenge in life.

I might be hated at times or for so many times, but I already got used to it. I did it for so many times, and hopefully those students who hated me would someday realize the purpose of every struggle. Life is not easy.

Indeed, it’s a wonderful sight to see students get closer to their dreams. The feats and defeats of my students made me work harder to make sure that learning takes place in my classroom. Being an adviser of Grade 10 is somewhat different from my experiences in other levels since these students will be leaving junior high school very soon.

When I was in fourth year high school, I experienced the most extreme activities in my last year in school. Definitely, leading a bunch of kids who are about to move up places an important challenge for me. They should be exposed to many enchanting and exciting possibilities.

The year is about to end very soon, and the school year will also conclude soon, but let the remaining days be an opportunity to savor every moment and ensure that this school year will be a great year for learning and winning.

Teaching grade 10 is  not easy but I guess it’s rewarding.


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