Another Year Has Passed

Today must be my last day because tomorrow I’ll grow older again.


Last year, I started my 26th year with great apprehension. I was so scared with my life, making me worry about a lot of things including the pettiest stuff.  I felt that my dreams were too big and too high and I was too little and low to reach them.


Living every day in my first two months felt like being buried alive until I breathed my last breath.


My prayer time happens during my travel time from our house to our school since I just walk every day. Praying during the beginning of the year challenged my faith as if my words were storming towards heaven but God might be busy answering other people’s prayer.


Every time I passed through the bridge, I remembered my unanswered prayers, and I started to question in disbelief if I was living the life that God has planned for me.


I thought I was experiencing quarter life crisis like the famous people I knew. I experienced the depression I always felt during rainy season or Ber-months. Sadness and frustration lived in me as if my heart and mind were their dwelling. Constantly, I had to ask God if those darkest moments would ever end.


Like in every other journey, God gave me the message that everything’s just temporary. By the last week of February, He surprised me with breakthroughs upon breakthroughs.


I might have failed or got disappointed for the first two months of being 26, but  the Lord has surprised me that anything is possible in his perfect time. For the first two months, I got broke and I felt so hurt with what’s going on in my life, but all of a sudden, things have changed the way I’ve never imagined.


I had dreams, but when the Lord responded to my prayers, He did the things I’ve never expected. His plans were far better than mine. Since then, I’ve welcomed blessings after blessings. Almost all aspects of my life have become bountiful, and my prayer became more of a thanksgiving than a petition.


Happy days began, and my life has never been the same.


Developments in my thesis, projects (in and off campus), personal goals, publication, class assignments for this school year, financial breakthrough, travels, various triumphs, and many more became the reason why I consider being 26 one of my most successful chapters of my life. Many things happened while I’m 26. Another blog might be needed to highlight those feats.


Few hours to go, and I’d be one year older again. I owe this miracle to God who has made my life brighter than what I had yesterday.


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