Birthday Present

Two days after my birthday, GS Warriors, my beloved advisory class threw a surprise birthday celebration for me.


That day, they made me very happy. But they didn’t know that they gave me my most memorable birthday present when I met them on the first day of the school year.


Archie, a poet, rendered his own poetry reminiscing our experiences as a class. The words thrilled me as he recalled the exciting experiences that we had in the past seven months. I thought that was it, but many students followed after him. With some smiles, sobs, and tears, they delivered their messages in a way I’ll never forget. They touched my heart. No word is enough to describe how thankful I am that they’re my students this year. I could have other students this year, but I got them.


I wasn’t aware that I am making that kind of difference in their lives when all this time I’ve thought that I’m just doing my job. They made me realize that I’m giving more.


Still, I won’t be the teacher that they think I am if not because of them.  When I met them in June, they gave an impression that this year’s Gabriela Silang students are fierce, talented, and gifted. Not because of the section number or their average, but because of what they are. At the very beginning, they already made an impression that there are a lot of talents and abilities that need to be unwrapped, enhanced, and perfected. From there, I played the role of an adviser.


I received some wrapped gifts during the celebration, but I already received 68 precious gifts just when the school year began.


The room was lovely with decoration and filled with spirit of joy. There were unexpected AV presentations and some production numbers. Actually, I already had an idea about the surprise because few days before that day, I noticed that many of them seemed busy and kept walking on the corridors even after dismissal. Few of them actually found it hard to make an alibi when I tried to catch them on the spot. Still, I just kept quiet.


Although we were celebrating another year of my earthly existence, the special surprise became an avenue to celebrate our teacher-student and student-student relationship in a connection that surprisingly touched our lives. Through the past months, I witnessed a lot of feats and defeats, breakthroughs and comebacks, and a lot of challenges. To me, that’s the greatest treasure I’ll never forget as a teacher.


We might be able to keep photographs to preserve that celebration, but the memory of love, friendship, and family will stay in our hearts forever. I thank the Lord for giving me another great advisory class this school year, and I’m glad that I got tigers. They’re warriors.1b.jpg


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