Top 12 Books That I Read in 2016

Of the 67 books that I read this 2016, here are the top 12 books that I strongly recommend!



Auggie Pullman echoes the voice that we usually keep in ourselves. The story is heart-clenching, and you will surely want to hug Auggie as you read the book. He’s a character that is not easy to forget.


#2 Every Day Series

Every Day Series have a spell that will make you want to flip the pages until you finish. The twists and changes in point of views will fascinate any reader. The three books are really an enjoyable read.



#3 Just One Day Series

Any reader can’t resist a very romantic read. The search for love is as exciting as reading about it. All the three books are somewhat as exciting as Every Day Series.


#4 Serpent King

A must-read for all teenagers. There’s a glimmer of hope to anyone who dares to read it. It tells as a story as much as it inspires. At some point, it does not narrate the story of our teens but also our stories when we were ourselves.



#5 Outliers

If you think you know the secret of success, you might be wrong. Read this book, and be enlightened.


#6 All the Bright Places

This is a book that is hard to put down. Besides it’s an easy read, Flinch and Violet are two characters you might easily identify.


#7 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I can’t believe I grew up without reading this classic tale. When I read this as an adult, it made me want to be a child again. The book reminds me how far our imagination can take us.


#8 Moment Maker

This is a book that will remind you to make every moment memorable. Create as many moments as you can.


#9 Gone Girl

I don’t read too much thriller books. Gillian Flynn made me finish one and enjoy the experience. Her work is just fascinating.


#10 Extraordinary Means

Having second chances is real. This book promises that and more.


#11 Teacher Man

This is a great book for all Teacher Men out there. This is one of my most favorite books about teaching. McCourt’s snippets of his teaching career are as compelling as his tales in Angela’s Ashes.


#12 Kafka on the Shore

This book is the book that I read the longest. Surely, this book is thick, but Murakami’s art of storytelling really makes every reader pause and ponder. It will make you want more of Murakami’s.



Pictures were taken from google search. 


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