Embarrassing Moment I Am Proud to Share

From SM Masinag to SM Marikina to SM Cubao, I did everything to find the one that I was looking for. But this is not about what I was looking for. This is about the most embarrassing and most thrilling moment in my 2016.

After hours of continuous walking, I got tired, weak, and hungry. I was thinking to walk further and get what else I needed to buy. Unfortunately, my stomach complained already. I was choosing between Mcdo and KFC. I was thinking that a lot of groups were eating at KFC, so I decided to eat at Mcdo. I ate several times in Mcdo alone, and I never felt alone all those times. So I went to the nearest McDonald’s.

Happy and surprised because the queue was very short, I raced to the gravy refill and poured gravy on my meal. I was carrying a moderately heavy shopping bag. After satisfying myself with the amount of gravy, I was planning to go up. There were a lot of groups upstairs. Not that I am antisocial, but seeing group of friends hanging out would just remind me of missing my friends. Anyway, I decided the day to be a Me-time. So I turned around and went back to the long table I saw a while ago.

There was a woman. I ignored her a while ago, but this time I would be joining her in her sumptuous dinner. Good thing, McDonald’s made its interior homey for everyone. I was trying to pass at her back when I got out of balance.

The next thing I remember was my cup of coke was spilling on the floor, some of which was dripping at the woman’s back. I wanted to freeze the moment, but I was too snappy. I apologized immediately and handed her my tissue paper. I caught her initial reaction. She was furious, but I tried my best to be too much apologetic. I showed a face that I really regret what happened, which was true. I just made it overacting, so that no scene would happen. There wasn’t. I rushed to the counter to ask for more tissue.

When I came back, I gave more tissue to her, and I kept on apologizing. She nodded, and she whispered it was okay. I was relieved, but inside me was burning. I was too embarrassed for what happened. I was supposed to enjoy my McDonald’s meal, but while chewing and swallowing my food, I wanted to curl and just disappear.

A crew made my feeling worse when he asked the woman if the floor was wet already when she came. I interrupted, and I confessed my sin. I apologized for causing such inconvenience. He sympathized to me. Above the sympathy, he asked me how did it happen. Although I was too ashamed, I don’t have a habit of ignoring a question (I’m a teacher!), so I told the truth. It was too awkward telling him in front of the victim. Still, I did despite the awkwardness. Doing so made it more awkward.

I finished my food, but the woman hasn’t. I forced myself to sip my soup even though I finished my meal already. I tried to glance where the woman was. She looked calm. She looked peaceful as she put french fires into her mouth. I was imagining that she might offer me some or offer me her coke. The silence between us and the noise around gave me a lot of paranoia. Would I be reported to the police? Would her boyfriend come and punch me on the face?

She remained. I can’t leave the place before her. I waited for her to leave for a fewer minutes until she did. I thought she would live in McDonald’s and have a sleep over. Great that she didn’t.

Right after her departure, I rushed to the faucet to wash myself which I didn’t notice before I ate. Or maybe I just ignored. I got more tissue to wipe my shopping bag. My feet were too sticky, but there’s no bathroom nearby. I ignored my situation, and since that thing happened, I had no choice.

Usually, it’s hard to forgive the people who wronged us. The woman taught me that no matter how hard it is, she chose to forgive.

I left McDonalds with a full stomach and a story.






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