Fasting Time Again

I have not fully fasted a fast that I consider  legit.


The fast that I consider most successful of all was when I was in college. It was almost successful except that I ate when midnight came.


In my previous fasts, I probably got it wrong or still chose to be ignorant about it to absolve myself. I took the “one meal only” fast as skipping one meal per day when in fact, it means I was about to eat one meal only for a day.


During the service on the day before the fasting week, I felt so blessed when we were singing praise and worship songs. I remembered the greatness of the Lord for showering breakthroughs in my 2016. Although I did not fast the way I think I would please the Lord, God still blessed me with many things more than I could ever imagine.


I got my booklet for 2017, and when I reached home, I searched my 2 booklets for 2016 (January and mid-year). I checked my breakthroughs in 2015 and mid-2016, and indeed, God has been faithful all these years. See 2016 Breakthroughs.


As I try to trim my food intake, I think this fasting season will be a better way to begin the year to connect to God and trust Him with what comes ahead. Prayer and fasting will open doors to the impossible things that only God can move.


Praying for breakthroughs and praying to be closer to Him even more…


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