While Running

Today is my 27th day since I started jogging again.


I leave my bed unmade because like the usual, I wake up late. I always fight against my alarm clock until I feel I don’t have to anymore.


I put on my shirt and running shoes. Still forcing my eyes to open widely, I stretch my arms and legs to make sure I’ll not be injured.


Since everyone is still in the dreamland, I lock the door and depart.


I run. I run faster as if I am following a tiger. I can now run without wanting to stop or yearning for water.


This is my most favorite part. I have to slow down.


5 blocks away, I can see that the store is already open. Probably, she’s awake.


She’s my mystery girl. I don’t have her name because I am just a secret admirer. I’ve noticed her several months ago when I was running. She has a pair of innocent eyes. Her eyelashes are long, and her gaze is really captivating. She has a white and smooth complexion. Her clothes are simple everyday, but she wears them with grace. We never catch sight every time I run, which is nice. Like before, I am shy.


When I reach her  store, I hardly find her existence. She might be elsewhere. Somebody might have taken over her place. It is unusual that I slow down my run. It almost looks like I am running on place. I stop for a few seconds, but she’s nowhere to be found.


Little by little, I begin to run again. When I move parallel to the next block, I still focus my gaze to the store hoping she’ll come out.


I freeze with the next thing that happens.


She stares at me. The woman is not in the store because she’s standing next to it, and she’s looking straight at me.


Does she wonder what I was looking at? Does she think that my eyes look for hers everyday? Is she aware of me staring at her all this time? Does she want me to say something and give a valid explanation?


I have no time for answering my questions. She catches me looking for her, and I feel so embarrassed. My heart keeps me from running, but my mind orders my body to keep moving.


Probably, I’ll see her again next time, and I’ll avoid being caught until I save all the courage to talk to her. For now, I’ll run as fast as I can to be far away from her.


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