Peculiar: The Book or the Movie?

Today, I have just finished the book “Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs and I’ve watched its movie adaptation, too.

I read a lot of young adult fiction, but this is not the kind of genre I read too often. It took me few days to finish the book.

Jacob’s narration of his experiences from the death of his grandfather to his exploits in discovering the world his granddad should have told him long time ago is indeed thrilling and exciting. His thoughts and feelings toward his circumstances make the book hard to put down.

The photographs too are astonishing.

I had a copy of this two years ago, but I haven’t read it because I thought it’s just a clichĂ© horror story. This year, I’ve decided to try it, and I enjoyed the reading experience.

Meanwhile, I wanted to watch the movie adaptation when it came out in cinemas last year. The trailer was nice, and the effects seemed amazing. Well, the cinematography is commendable when I watched it at home.

Unfortunately, I got confused with what I saw. I almost doubted myself if I really understood the book I was reading. Have I imagined the wrong images?

I had to check reviews, and I remembered that it’s just a movie adaptation, yet unlike other adaptations, this film deviated too much from the actual storyline. There were a lot of events and significant scenes that were not carried over in the film production.

Yes, the effects were great, but the movie lacks the depth of storytelling. Many questions were left unanswered when the credits end.

So if I’ll choose between the book or the movie version, I choose the book.


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