When God Moved a Mountain

Today, I just finished my most favorite Christian book Believe That You Can by Jentezen Franklin.

The first time I read it, I decided to leave my job and try something different. Months later, I was in a different working environment, and I never regret that decision I made. The Lord gave a lot of breakthroughs since then.

I can because the Lord can always move mountains. Although I am not Abraham, God favors me as much as He did with Abraham.

I actually almost lost hope with my sister when my mom broke the news that my sister told her that she failed her defense and she’s not graduating this March. Since then, I felt a pang in my heart and that was a heavy burden I’ve been carrying.

It was really devastating and disappointing, but when I gathered all my strength, I confronted her to fight for it (not in an encouraging way, but in a way that will appeal to her conscience).

My mom did the encouraging part. What I did was to tell the closest people I know to pray for her. I actually did pray for her, too. Much of my prayers were actually about her.

There were times that we thought it was the day of her defense and we prayed so many times for her only to find out that it would be the next day. I actually informed four people to pray for her besides my mom and me.

We’ve been expecting that she would one time come home and break the good news. Then, last night, she just came home and pretended that she did not make it. Of course, I did not believe her. When she did not win the prank, she told us the news that she passed, they got the grade, and they just needed to revise something.

And I am the happiest man alive that moment. That was, of course, not my moment. But God moved a mountain, indeed.

We’ll continue to pray. Now, I have to collect my self and face mine. This one is a bigger mountain.


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