He is a Great God

During the praise and worship this Sunday, God made my heart beat again like never before this 2017.

I had great breakthroughs last year, and I worshipped Him to the fullest every time I got each breakthrough.

Although I haven’t reached remarkable breakthroughs yet this year, God just let me feel loved during the service. I realized again that no amount of prayer, devotion, or offering will make you closer to God’s heart. He loves us because that’s His nature.

I might be more devoted in the earlier days of 2017. I pray longer and more often. I read my Bible. I do good things for Him. But it’s just not about my ways, but His.

When I was signing,

“He is the great God

He is an awesome, wonderful God

Mighty in power

Better than life…”

I just can’t help but shed some tears and jump out of joy. I was not clapping my hands while singing nor I was dancing, but my heart leaped the moment God embraced me with love. Suddenly, all the good things that happened this week flashed in me, and I just can’t contain how these very simple things remind me of God’s perfect and wonderful love.

He is indeed great!

I might be very reserved and preoccupied during praise and worship in the previous services, but I’ll always remember today’s service because my mind and heart are just focused on Him. My thoughts did not wander somewhere else and I did not mind whether my seatmates will think something on me. I just want to spend time and worship God.

The last song got me, too:

“Blessing and honor

Glory and power

Salvation belongs to our God

Blessing and honor

Now and forever

Salvation belongs to our God”

I’ve been singing as if that was the exact message I want to tell God. All of a sudden those lyrics come to life.

Indeed, God is great! I am very excited to more experiences with God.


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