Plan B

While I was browsing Facebook, I got disturbed that some of my students were very emotional in their posts.


The following day was our homeroom, and I already planned that we would be having a stark exciting activity. I was excited about it that I had to list the program in an important document because I might lose my thoughts.


Unfortunately, I was thinking about the dilemmas of my teens, so I was thinking of something else. I was tempted to have an open forum, but having witnessed many open forums before this kind of set up just added fuel into fire, and I didn’t want matter come to worst. Also, those who were not involved might not be able to relate, or worse, they  might get included.


The next day, we had our English time during the first period, and my students used an LCD projector and speakers. Instantly, I got an idea to play inspirational videos that might lighten up the mood of my class. So I borrowed the equipment from the student and asked him if we could use it in the last period, our homeroom.


I am just blessed doing impromptus. I conducted several homerooms already, and mostly the planned ones got successful. Meanwhile, most of the impromptu activities were also as successful as the planned ones especially if the activities were relevant to the students’ lives.


First, I showed the PowerPoint presentation of the “Farmer and His Son.” I got goose

bumps while reading the story.


Then, I played snippets from “Akeelah and the Bee,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and “Facing the Giants.”


Every clip, I asked my students to reflect and share their insights. I was surprised how they responded. It was greater from what I expected.


And finally, to break the ice, I decided to play the music video of “When God Ran.” I made a very quick exhortation to hook my students’ hearts. After listening to the song, I asked each one to pray and surrender to God all the burdens that they were carrying at the moment.


After we prayed, I appealed to them (with matching emotions) to grab the opportunity and go to the person whom they were having disagreements and settle them once and for all. Less than a month, our class will move somewhere. I cried out that we have to stick as one.


Majority responded, and I cannot contain how grateful I am to God that His works are always amazing. On an ordinary week, He used me again, and all I had was to follow.


Definitely, when Plan A would not work, choose Plan B.


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