Anger Managed

I just finished a chapter on conflict resolution last night after I finished the Book of Matthew, and I did not anticipate that I had to experience conflicts the following day.


For the past few days, I’ve witnessed a lot of conflicts, and I, myself, helped to mend broken walls among the people involved.


Unfortunately, I got so irritated when I found out that I was violated. From that moment, all the other  wounds resurrected. I remembered past usurpations I experienced, and I couldn’t help but feel too bad about it.


I posted on my wall, and I typed a very long message in a group where the root came out. Unfortunately, the post disappeared in an instant like vapor. Still, I am glad it was not posted. I was in the hype of my anger.


My closest friends came to the rescue as if they’re really God sent. Perhaps, they knew me that I posted something really serious (not the usual Hugot posts I gave life on social media). This was different. This was real.


After several minutes of conversation, I got back to normal. The heat was gone. Yes, the thoughts were still lingering, but I managed to calm down.


While all of that happened, I listened to Laura Story’s playlist. There might be few people who did something against me, but the love of the Lord is much greater than my hurt.


Jesus saved me, and Jesus continues to save me day by day. And He’ll forever be my Savior.


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