The Greatest Love Story

My friend and I was having a random conversation after he came to the rescue when I posted a rant on social medial.


Our conversation led to our readings. He said that he’s reading Job, and I told Him that I just finished Matthew just last night.


Suddenly, I thought of a joke. I added that it’s not actually good when he said that was good that I finished Matthew because I started Matthew since January. I told him I was expecting to be reading 1 Corinthians this February. He got my punch line, and he said that I wanted to reach 1 Corinthians 13, which was about love.


That hit me.


Instantly, I replied that it was okay for me reading the Gospel because it’s the greatest love story. Well, it is. I digested the thought moments later.


I mentioned that the grace of God was indeed a great expression of love. I can’t help but be amazed how Jesus treated Peter and the other disciples despite what he knew will happen. I got even excited because I remember how John accounted it.  That made me want to read John already.


My friend blurted out “The Prodigal Son.” And I couldn’t disagree. For me, it was the best of all.  All angles of the story break me into pieces especially the idea that God ran. I tried to identify runner up parts like “The Samaritan Woman,” “The Stoning of the Prostitute,” the encounter with Nicodemus, Zacheus. Then, I realized the names that Jesus touched were countless.


I ended my reflection with “The story of mine.” Jesus touched many broken people. And that includes me. I will be reading again more accounts of Him, but as I read again, I  will always celebrate with the account I have with my Savior.


The greatest love story is the story of a Savior who chooses to love us unconditionally.


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