My Letter to My Students Who Are Writing Their Research Papers

Dear Students,
Good evening. Please read this!
I already checked all the manuscripts for the Thesis Defense, and no matter what happens, I want to tell everyone how much proud I am with the work that you submitted. Still, there might be few or a lot of things to work on your paper, but I am sure that you exerted effort on your work.
The purpose of our research is to contribute to the body of knowledge by gathering enough data to support our conclusions and recommendations. Each research has a potential to contribute to our society, to our school, or even to our class.
I want you to realize (in your final days in junior high school) that a well-written work is not done in just an instant or in just one sitting, but through a constant cycle of revisions and changes. Because without change, NOTHING WILL IMPROVE. It does not only apply to research paper but to all kinds of writing and essay that you will ever write in the future.
Compared to previous tasks, which were mostly speaking and performing, WRITING will really TEST you in all aspects.
I hope in coming up with one final AMAZING RESEARCH PAPER, you will not miss the following:
1. Learning to correct your mistake (no matter how hard it is; humility is the key). Patience and obedience are important.
2. Never ever quit. If you missed it, try again. Keep on trying until you get it.
3. The process is more important than the product. You can’t buy hardwork, persistence, and determination. You don’t gain it overnight. You will be a lot happier to produce something you worked hard than something you just have instantly. At a young age, you have to learn this lesson even in the most bittersweet way.
4. TEAMWORK is important. Although at times, you might think that the research requirement will test who your real friends are, this activity was given to prepare you to a kind of world you will witness after you leave the portals of school. You are already experiencing it now, but you will experience more crucial relations later on. This is just preparing you how you will handle it. Good and not so good people exist. It will help you also to be one of them.
5. Time management is really important, but deadlines are inevitable. If you will not be trained to respond in the midst of obstacles, you will just relax and go with the flow later on. If tides come along the way, being strong will make you still. But if you are used to being relaxed all the time, when pressure comes, it will be hard for you.
6. Attitude is important and that is something I am training you in the research. I have shown different aspects of Mr. Pimentel in our classes, but it should not always be the cheery and trying hard to be funny Mr. Pimentel because I will not show that I care about you if I’ll treat you as infants and give you an easy life. At times, I HAVE TO BE THE WORST, SO THAT YOU CAN BE YOUR BEST.
I know all your hardwork and I will honestly tell you that a grade will not make you understand the things you’ve been through. I’VE BEEN THERE.
Even though you will not exactly write the same research paper in the future, I’ll bet everything that you will eventually become a successful chef, engineer, doctor, architect, teacher, IT specialist, nurse, or whoever you want to become. Because you know and understand how to give your BEST. EXCELLENCE and HONOR.
In the end, I simply want to tell you:
I’m proud of you. Good job!
UP NEXT: Thesis Defense and Final Paper
Cry. Fight. Laugh. Smile. Eat. and above all LOVE.
Good night!

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