Checking My Motives

I’ve been a student myself,  and I understand like anyone else how it feels to do a lot of school works. I am not comparing myself with the rest of humanity because I believe that there are a lot of studious and dedicated people than me. I’ve met them and worked with them. And I know that they exist. Thus, things that seem impossible are doable through hard work and commitment.


Why do I give highly demanding tasks? Why do I set high standards? Why do I emphasize character over aptitude?


I don’t have any other  reasons besides being a teacher.  As a teacher, I don’t want to just dispense information and replicate knowledge. That’s not the reason that I enter the classroom everyday.


I am not just preparing my students for the test or to pass the subject. What will they get with the numbers and the knowledge that may or may not stay for a long time. I am not saying that knowledge is not essential. I just want that my students will be strong and persistent especially when the tides get high as they penetrate more in the real world.


The classroom is the best place to learn facts, rules, and others, and I think it’s also the best place to prepare future nation builders. I don’t care if I would be hated or cursed for what I am doing because I am looking at more long-lasting effects. Some might raise their eyebrows, but I am focused on how it will affect their future.


I write these thoughts that are lingering in my mind because maybe–Just maybe, I am wrong, I can look back in the future and check whether I change or stick with it.


For now, I will continue to enter the classrooms with hope that better things will happen.


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