Learning to Prioritize

When many people I know find it hard to learn the important lesson on priorities, I had to learn mine recently.

Knowing your priorities means understanding what matters at the right moment and doing all it takes to meet all expectations.

I am in the process of revising my research, but since I am working full time, I gave the same effort I exert on writing my paper as I give on finishing my work as a full-time teacher. March is the season of completing all paperworks and furnishing important documents at school. Despite the torrent of deadlines in my grad studies, I did not fall into temptation to give into mediocrity and produce half-baked work. If I did, that would not be my label. That would not be me.

Even if I can choose to give what is enough or allow myself to commit mistakes on my work, I made sure that what I accomplished were well-thought and worked well.

Of course, doing so was not easy. It took me a lot of coffee, stress, pressure, and food. Above all, I got all my strength from God. When I looked back what happened to me during the hell week, I feel blessed because I am favored. I could have not done it without God’s help. I surpassed an important challenge again.

Meanwhile, an opportunity came last Friday. I had the chance to grab it. That would have been another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I prayed for it, and I asked my friends to help me pray for it. In the end, I did not accept it since I still have work to be accomplished. Probably, the Lord meant it for good because He knows I have other concerns besides work. Priorities should be on the frontline.

The school year has been tough, but the greatest value that I think I improved from the previous years is how I respond to my priorities. It is hardest to learn, but the fruits are worthwhile.


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