Surviving Hell Week [Repost]

Hindi biro ang mag-Fast and Furious, Train to Busan, and Final Destination this week.

Matapos kong paglamayan, I went to UP last Monday to submit my paper again. As a working student, I have to do my obligations outside work also.

Then paguwi I had to face all the deadlines.
Words are not enough to describe the paperworks that came before me. Paperworks everywhere. Ilang kape, hot choco, junk food, french fries, at iba pang pagkain na di ko na maalala ang kinonsume ko just to stay alive. Parang every minute, kailangan kong magdasal sa sobrang dami ng gagawin.

This is my first year at Grade 10, and totoo nga pala talaga ang challenges sa last weeks of the school year. While trying to meet the deadlines, I still have to go to my classes and do my daily routines.

But at the end of the day, the Lord has shown me again that we can move mountains (like mountains of paper works). Kanina as everything has tied completely, parang I witnessed a miracle. Ang sa ‘ya sa pakiramdam. Tapos na.

Praise God! Finally, this week is over.

PS: Thank you din sa mga nagpakita ng concern and help. Sa mga umintindi at nakaintindi. To the very few people I know na hindi talaga mangiiwan hanggang sa huli, the best talaga kayo.


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