The Day I Left Facebook

Well, technically I haven’t left Facebook.


I have not deactivated my account either.


Last Saturday, I just decided to stop browsing my Facebook account, an activity that I think is consuming a lot of my time and is occupying a lot of space in my mind.


Although my personal decision cannot be considered a feat at the moment because it’s only two days since I stopped logging on my account. Doing so, I also stopped browsing and posting on my other social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram).


Last night, while I was battling with my paperworks, I was literally screaming because I couldn’t contain the things that running in my mind. I felt like posting what I was feeling  at that moment.


But I didn’t and I survived. All this time, I thought it was impossible for me to leave Facebook for a while but since the world is starting to crumble in front of me because of deadlines that are indeed deadening, I had no choice but to abandon social media for a while, which is good for me. I had to shut my door from this world to focus in a world where I have to pave the road to my dreams.


Well, I already said it… Back to work.


For the meantime, I will not be on Facebook.


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