The Shack

I first noticed “The Shack” when I visited a book store. I was intrigued about it, but I did not buy the book because it was too expensive.


When my friend and I watched La La Land, I saw the trailer of “The Shack.” Suddenly, I remembered that it was the same book I was holding just a week before that.  The effects of the movie made me want to watch it.


On my sister’s graduation day, I stopped at a book stall that sells second hand books. That was my first time in that stall, and I was surprised to find The Shack in one of the shelves. It was quite cheaper than the brand new copy, so I bought it without second thoughts.


Behind my busy schedule, I started reading the book, and the book created a nice impression because I thought it was just a book about recovery from a great loss. I just discovered that the book is about God.


I will not tell what’s in the book, but this book gave me a worthwhile experience. Flipping the pages of the book felt like having one’s own retreat. I needed that retreat.


As the protagonist of the story came back to the shack, I found my self revisiting the kind of relationship I have with God. I have not experienced the same intense loss as the main character had, but I surely can relate to how amazed on how the Lord will do everything for us because of love.


The book has the power to make you think and reflect before moving on the next scenes. It will lead you to wider and deeper understanding of who God is.


The book is an interesting read. After reading it, you’ll never be the same.


For more information about the book, visit this page.


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