13 Reasons Why

Tell me old school, but this is the first time I watched and finished an American TV series.


I do watch and finish local and Asian series, but I haven’t savored the experience of watching Western series until I came to know “13 Reasons Why.”


I read and finished the novel “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher in July 2015, and since then, it was very rare to find another novel that will match with this genre. Asher’s storytelling and style were original and captivating. Literally, it was a book that was hard to put down. While reading the book, I experienced the feels of being the one who was actually listening to the tapes, to Hannah Baker’s tapes. In some occasions, it felt like it was real and compelled me to do something. I had to rescue Hannah.


Just recently, before the social media have been flooded with reviews and statuses about the series, I got the news that “13 Reasons  Why” was produced for television. I thought it was just a TV movie, but to my surprise, it was an entire series.


I was hesitant to watch the series because of my busy schedule and I was not sure if it was worth it. Giving a credit to the quality of the book, I gave the series a try. And that’s it. I’ve just finished the last tape (I mean the last episode) just this afternoon.


I can’t exactly tell if the series was faithful to the novel. Again, I read the novel last 2015. I don’t remember anymore, but this series has the equal power to drive viewers. It moved me. It’s not just a simple show. It provokes an important message especially to people who have constant contact with teens. I’d rather not tell the synopsis here. If you’re curious, find out what happened to Hannah Baker.


Pass it on.


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