Soul Search

This is the bravest entry that I’ve written this 2017.


So far, I am grateful to the Lord for all the breakthroughs that He led me since last year. I’ve faced several battles since the beginning of 2017, and I’m blessed to have overcome many of those battles. But lately, I encounter myself in mere solitude and ask myself about my plans.


I certainly have dreams. I’m sure of that, but I don’t think if I’m bold enough in reaching them. Say after the defense and after submitting the final unbound copy of my thesis, I took a break literally.


I took a vacation, and I immersed myself in physical activities and squandered my time in leisure reading. I knew I deserve these pleasure, but among my moments of reflections, I keep on thinking (and sometimes asking God) what would be next.


I have been feeling the same thing I felt three years ago when I made a bold decision to leave my post in a private school and join the crusade in teaching in the public school. Back then, I felt my decision was akin to that of Abraham’s. I was confident that my decision was God-inspired.


With so many options, I don’t have certitude which one is God’s plan for me now. I am excited and thrilled for what is going to happen sooner or later, but I feel like I don’t have the guts to take the step.


Perhaps, I need more pushing or probably a turning point. Now, I am totally being honest that I might have probably kept in myself all this time.


Whatever happens, I hope it’s for the best. For now, I’ll still seek answers, and I’ll try to ask the right questions. What’s next?


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