I never expected that this would happen to me. (YOU HAVE TO FINISH THIS ONE although it’s quite long)

After paying my school fees at the university cashier, I went to Landbank and tried to withdraw cash. The machine notified me that it couldn’t produce receipt. Perhaps, that’s the reason that the lady before me declined the transaction. Since I didn’t need a receipt that much, I continued the transaction.

I entered my pin and the amount, and I heard the sound of the machine trying to dispense cash until it stopped responding. I approached the security guard beside me, and he politely informed me that the ATM logged and suggested that I just patiently wait. I did his advice. Unfortunately, few minutes later the screen showed a welcome message indicating that I need to insert my card. I haven’t gotten my card, and I was terrified because not only I was not able to get cash, my card got captured. The guard told me to just return tomorrow to get the card.

It never happened to me before, and it was even the original bank of the ATM. I was even worried about it. I asked him if I had to report it or any other actions. He reiterated that I should just go back the following day. I felt like my heart was nailed and pressed on earth as I imagine that I had to go home penniless and contemplate that my ATM card was captured. Worse than that, I had to go back all the way from Antipolo to Quezon City just to get the card the following day.

I managed to process all my errands today, and it was hard to believe that I had to come back again just for the card. While I was only few steps away from the bank, I raced to the guard and pleaded if he could allow me to go up and report my case. The guard told me that the guards inside will only tell me the same thing, but he might have been moved with my situation, and he let me in. When I reached the door, two other clients were asking the guards to let them in, informing the men that they were university employees. Since it was already 3 PM, I was running out of hope.

My mind was fast, so I attempted to put my act. I appealed to the guards that I am a public school teacher (which is true), I am from Antipolo (which is true), and I needed that cash that much (yes, it’s definitely true, I just paid some fees)… I said them all in the most dramatic way possible. I could have won an award. The guards must have been moved that one of them was able to convince the person-in-charge to let me in. I was asked to fill in a case report, and a woman took my ID for verification of my identity. I was praying hard when the woman with her escort went to the machine and tried to locate my card. When she came up, she asked my name, and she informed me that that was not the card. Filled with disbelief, I pleaded that I inserted the card and I never got it back. (At first, I thought she was kidding me. But she was serious, and that terrified me). I asked them to try to check it again one last time while my eyes were ready to free drops of tears. They tried for the second time while the two university employees asked me which machine captured my card because they would withdraw once they left the bank.

When they came back, the woman said the same thing. She said that my card was not in the machine. She kept on asking me if I really hadn’t taken my card, or if I really inserted it in the first place. In her manner, she was almost insinuating that the card might have been taken by somebody else, or I might not have been telling the truth. I stressed that I really didn’t have the card in an even more dramatic manner. I opened my wallet to show it to them that it was not with me until I FOUND THE GREEN ATM CARD. All this time, I was the fraud. We were only few inside the bank, and that really roared us into an entire thunderous laugh. I started to apologize, and I was really embarrassed, but the staff in the bank did not mind it at all. They continued laughing. The woman assisted me to just withdraw my cash over the counter because the ATM totally got offline. They seemed to be even grateful for what happened. I was the most grateful of all.

While there have been bad news on banks lately, I’ll surely treasure this embarrassing story. I’m glad that there are still a lot of nice people. In the end, I got my ATM and I got my cash. God is good! Life is fun and full of laughter and surprises!


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