A Wonderful Surprise

As I talked with God last night in my prayer, I recounted how faithful He was in my long laborious journey in taking my master’s education. My tears and words were not enough to praise and glorify His name for all the blessings. And I kept on thanking Him for loving me this much.


Just a while ago, my family and I attended the recognition program for graduates in our college. I took a lot of photos, and I subscribed to the official photographer for this occasion. I had photos with my professors, as well as the staff in our college. Without their support, this undertaking might be extremely difficult.


Since it was a recognition day, the cum laudes and magna cum laudes glittered their smiles while their parents sat in a special area in the theater. To be honest, I prayed to God if it’s possible for me to receive an award as well. But graduating in two days time is more than enough. It’s the greatest reward I could ever receive in my entire master’s education experience.


During the awarding portion, I was tensed, but I got some hope when the criteria for academic excellence for master’s students was explained. Somewhat, I qualified with the criteria. However, my seatmate already knew that she had an award, and her parents were seated in the special area. All the other awardees, especially the undergrads, knew already that they would be receiving their awards.  It was almost impossible that I would be getting mine.


Deep inside me, I knew I would receive the award. I was praying to God that His will be done. There were only 7 awardees for academic excellence for master student graduates. Two were already called. When I was about to resign from my hope, the emcee mentioned my name. And I knew it was mine. It was like God called my name.


“Oh my God.” Those were the words that came in my mouth in an extreme astonishment. My guests were even more surprised because I had to walk near their area (they did not sit in a special area for awardees because we were not informed in advance) and call them.


It took us two minutes before we came up on stage. When we reached the stage, my medal and certificate were lost. They might have been given to someone else. Instead, I grabbed the ones that belonged to someone else. We took pictures, and I smiled to my professors and mouthed “Thank you.”


As I passed our row, my fellow graduates congratulated me. All I can respond was “thank you.” When I sat down, the one who got my certificate gave it to me. And I could tell that everything that was happening was indeed true. God has blessed me and loved me this much.


After the program, we took some more photos and left the theater. As we were walking to The Oblation, I read the name at the back of the medal. And I was shocked because it was somebody else’s name. I tried to think what to do, and I remembered my fellow graduate who handed me the certificate. I noticed him from afar that his family and he were walking towards the sunflowers. I ran to him and asked him if my medal was with him. He checked the name, and it was mine. He gave it to me in exchange of the medal I was holding. I reassured him that his medal might be with another graduate.


Until now, I couldn’t let go the overwhelming feeling that’s in me. I got a wonderful surprise that I’d keep for my entire lifetime. More stories to share.. God is indeed great!


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